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We pride ourselves in offering each client a bespoke solution, designed with their needs in mind. We recognise that each household is different and we won’t shoehorn you into what works best for us, but rather offer you a solution thats best for you.



This is the perfect solution for those who don’t want any obstruction of their view. As the name suggests, ‘Crystal Clear’ provides a clear view and the added advantage of being easy to clean and maintain. The glass used here is coated with EnduroShield, ensuring it has the pristine look we all desire. It’s safe to say this is the best of the best!


This is an absolute favorite amongst our clients. If you love the look of glass without any borders, then the frameless glass pool fence is perfect! When you look out to your pool, you can see your pool as you intended to, with no obstruction whatsoever.

Semi frameless pool fence

This combines the structural rigidity of steel and the flexibility of aluminium with the purity of glass. In doing so, your property has a refined and alluring finish.


Your balcony also deserves the royal treatment. Our glass balustrade gives you amazing views while making time spent on your balcony feel like time spent floating, without limits. Who knew life could be so luxurious ?

Customers Feedback

Ian has been excellent in every way! He called within seconds of me submitting my request and then followed up with a quote within a couple of days. The job has been completed and I’m extremely happy. The fence looks terrific. Ian is a professional – easy to deal with, very responsive and high quality of work. I would not hesitate to recommend him

David R

Beaumaris, Victoria

I can highly recommend Ian as a fantastic operator who has his customers interests at heart. He went out of his way to give us advice and guidance which we appreciate greatly.

Kevin H

Wantirna South, Victoria

“Responded quickly and measured ordered and installed quickly also cleaned up when finished|Very neat work”

Jan I

Kangaroo Ground, Victoria

“Excellent service, very professional and they know the requirements for Pool fencing very well.”


Boronia, Victoria - March 2020

“called quickly and visited as arranged. knows the business and came up with a couple of ways to save money and still have a professional job.”

Paul M

Research, Victoria - received May 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Outlook Pool Fencing takes Kids safety around pools and spa’s as our primary concern, and we will not install a barrier if we don’t think it will be compliant once installed.
We always recommend that you have your pool or spa barrier inspected by an independent Inspector.
A pool or Spa fence is no replacement for proper supervision around water.

Whats the difference between Frameless and Semi-Frameless pool fencing?

Frameless glass pool fencing is only supported at the base by its mountings, these are usually called Spigots

Semi-Frameless glass pool fencing means the glass is more supported, but ‘framing’ on either side usually with special posts.

Do your glass panels comply with Australian Building Standards?

Yes absolutely, our glass panels and hardware are certified to Australian Standards AS/NZS2208. We supply the certification once your fence has been installed.

What about pool fencing regulations in Victoria?

When installing a pool or spa barrier it is important for pool owners to take into account government and local council regulations.
We will supply an independent Pool Inspectors contact details if you don’t have your own.

What surfaces can glass pool fencing be attached to?

Spigots and posts can be core drilled into existing paving and concrete, they can also be deck mounted and if in a garden or grassed area they can be mounted into concrete piers or strip footing.


Does glass fencing or glass balustrades require maintenance?

Glass fencing, is similar to your glass windows and will requires cleaning occasionally to maintain it’s clear appearance. At the same time give the posts or spigots a clean.

What type of glass is used for pool fencing?

Glass pool fencing is constructed using 10mm – 12mm thick safety glass which is toughened glass. the toughened glass is heat and chemically treated to increase its strength. Once a piece of glass is toughened, it cannot be cut or trimmed unlike normal window glass.